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Drama | English | 86 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Simone Brown


Kendra Kouture, Sheena Moore, Ramon Sloan, Carlos Gonzalez



Circumstances is a full - feature film about a group of impoverished young adults who believe that the only way out of their situations are through the illicit trades of human trafficking, prostitution, thievery, and drug dealing. A story that's all too common in urban cities across America. In recent years there's been a surge in the arrest and prosecutions of young men who the media has characterized as being monstrous pimps and demonic in nature. This assessment may be true in some cases, but does not represent the vase majority of situations in which most young men and women enter the sex trade. This film will provide viewers with an almost precise depiction of that entry. After seeing Circumstances you will have a better understanding as to why people choose to walk down this path and live a lifestyle filled with so much pain. This film is a realty to many people who feel as though they have no other options to survive and the hopes of the writer/ executive producer is that the story will not only be entertaining to its audience but informative as well.

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