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First Shoot the Lawyers

First Shoot the Lawyers

Black Comedy | English | 88 minutes


Adler & Associates Entertainment, Inc.

Cast & Crew


Aleta Doroudian, Marie Adler


Bill Briles, Aleta Doroudian, Wynelle Waters, William Hubbard, Melissa Mitchell, Randall Heller



A tormented young woman teams up with an eccentric house-painter and learns how to vent her childhood rage in a very unusual way. After losing her job and apartment, Tulip Gallows desperately looks for shelter and a means of supporting herself. Refusing to go back to her childhood home because of traumatic memories, she lands in a one-room apartment with Kinard, who has lived through a childhood full of violence and cruelty and has found an unusual way to vent his left-over anger. Eventually, through trial and error, and despite conflicting views of the world and breaking a few laws, he may just be able to show her the path for moving on with her life.

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