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Gone Shopping

Gone Shopping

Drama | English, Mandarin | 97 minutes


Mirovision Inc.

Cast & Crew


Wee Li Lin


Fuzzy Z.Abideen, Wee Li Lin


Wee Li Lin


Aron Kao, Kym Ng, Sonya Nair


Clara is a forty year old ‘tai tai’(wealthy lady of leisure) who faces a mid life crisis and decides to runaway to the only place that has ever made any sense to her – the shopping centres. As she lives there, Clara crosses paths with others ‘creatures’ of the mall, namely Renu, an eight-year old latchkey kid who has been abandoned by her parents in the 24 hour mall, Aron an angst-y twenty three year old who skips work to hang out at the mall with his friends, and Valentine an ex-boyfriend who is now manager of the bed and linen department in a popular store. Together, these characters lead audiences through a journey of love, loss and lunacy through the heart of Singapore where they find that their dreams can be bought and broken.

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