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Guardians of the Power Mask-Children's TV Series

Guardians of the Power Mask-Children's TV Series

Animation | English


Showcase Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Bob Jacques, Rann Watumull


Konnie Kwak


Annie, a typical high energy American girl is forced to spend summer with grandmother, Nainai and cousin, Yong in rustic Singing Rocks, China, where local construction there opens a once sealed portal to the twilight realm. Annie then discovers she and Yong come from a long line of warriors who battled the evil forces from this twilight realm. Under Nainai’s guidance, the two must learn to get along and fight these evil forces. By wearing power masks, which increase their abilities tenfold, they, along with Nainai’s cat, transform into mighty warriors. A clash of cultures and villains leads to exciting adventures.
GUARDIANS OF THE POWER MASKS is a high energy show packed with action, adventure, and comedy, along with valuable life lessons kids discover along the way.

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