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Heart of Oak

Heart of Oak

Alternate Titles: Le Chêne

Documentary | French



Cast & Crew


Laurent Charbonnier, Michel Seydoux


Considered the king of the forest, the oak symbolizes power and longevity.

Yet, it is little-known that the oak is also the busiest social network in Europe. It is both a shelter and a source of life that offers protection and hope.

Many families inhabit the oak like a home or an abode. They have taken up residence there and live together as in a proper society: problems with the neighbors, education, survival, solidarity, etc.

Set to music by Eric Serra (The Big Blue) and shot in 4K, Heart of Oak is more than a documentary: It is a real, nature and wildlife opera.

Drawing us in to the rhythm of this mythic tree’s heart, the film will immerse us in this source of life from various species’ points of view.

By the producer of On the Way to School.

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