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Hearts & Vines

Hearts & Vines

Alternate Titles: Winter at the Winery

Drama, Romance | English | 90 minutes


Gemelli Films

Cast & Crew


Candy Cain


Amy Minter, Tamre Varallo


Candy Cain


Paulie Calafiore, Cara Maria Sorbello, Kenney Myers, Taryn Hacker



Hannah Daley and Cash Gibson are the hosts of the popular home improvement show Destination: Renovation. Hannah has let her new agent get to her head and becomes a bit of a diva. When her egomaniac antics expose the entire cast and crew to a contagious virus, Hannah is forced to quarantine for two weeks at the winery they were going to improve.

Always finding the silver lining of any cloud, Cash comes up with the idea of turning Spring Lake Winery into a winter wonderland by creating a winter festival for the town. The crew, quarantined at their hotel nearby, is able to help remotely, guiding Hannah and Cash through the steps that they need to take for a successful episode.

Unfortunately, Cash is stricken with a mysterious illness, leaving Hannah to carry all the weight of the project as well as nurse Cash back to health. Hannah discovers that her relationship with Cash is way more important to her than she ever though possible. Once Cash is healthy, Hannah lets him know how she really feels about him.

In true Christmas spirit, the local community pitches in to create a fabulous Winter at the Winery Festival. Hannah and Cash grow closer, and Hannah finally drops her diva act and shows her true gratitude to the people that got her where she is to begin with.

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