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Hot Chocolate Holiday

Hot Chocolate Holiday

Romance | English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish | 88 minutes


Candlelight Media Group

Cast & Crew


Aubrey Reynolds, Jonny Swenson, Kelsie Elena



Colette runs a coffee shop that is home to her secret and famous hot chocolate recipe. She finds herself in competition with Marcus, the kind, new dessert shop owner who draws her customers away with his own specialty hot chocolate. Colette thinks he stole her recipe but she gives him a chance when his store suffers damage from a fire and has to close. Colette works together with him to repair his shop but it might not be enough to get him back on his feet in time for Christmas. It will, however, help Colette see Marcus in a different light, especially as she learns the source of his hot chocolate recipe. Love, hot chocolate, and an unexpected connection will bring Marcus and Colette together for the holidays.

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