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Supernatural Thriller | English | 134 minutes


Sublimity Entertainment


When Clayton Douglas, a stung-out police detective, is summoned to a remote hospital to witness a mysterious death-bed confession it forces him to accept the supernatural.

​With an ice storm on his heels, Detective Clayton travels across the maze of tree lined roads to the vast emptiness of a massive state hospital. The hospital is modern marvel of its day. He gathers his gun and ventures inside. Clayton meets the receptionist and Dr. Heysinger who tells him of the mysterious patient in the basement who oddly enough asked for Detective Clayton by name. The patient wants to confess to something horrible. The situation is just too strange for Clayton to turn away and he agrees to meet mysterious patient. In the basement, locked away, in a forgotten room is Daniel Glassman - a bloated, half-dead old soul covered in scars and bruises. In the room with him is Sister Rose, she is present for medical aid and spiritual guidance. As Dr. Heysinger reads the confession, we are transported back to 1862, where we witness the horrifying events that are the confession of evil. Not only will it shock everyone involved but it will have them questioning the very fabric of faith and fighting for their souls.

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