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The Foam of Days

The Foam of Days

Alternate Titles: La Espuma De Los Dias

Drama | Spanish | 108 minutes


Vedado Films

Cast & Crew


Fernando Timossi


Gabriel Beristain, Adriana Moya, Joel Ortega


Fernando Timossi


Frank Egusquiza, Lieter Ledesma, Gaston Pauls, Hugo Reyes


The story of four friends, who can be accurately described by their nicknames: ‘Shiny’ (Elegant), ‘Dummy’, ‘Philo' (Philosopher), and last but not least, protected while at the same time ostracised and ‘smack’ at the middle of their friendship: ‘Nutty’, as the name suggests, is the quartet's harmless yet truly demented resident.

This frayed foursome have been best friends since childhood. They've always been there for each other, through thick and thin and always had each other's back. Their friendship has been stress tested close to breaking point four-fold. Tragedy and time has only strengthened the unusually strong bond between them: This lads are brothers. True locals of the neighbourhood of Casablanca – their patch of dreams just across the bay from Old Havana.

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