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Action/Adventure | Thai | 109 minutes


Neramitnung Film



Kao wants to be a famous singer in Bangkok. However, he has never reached an inch of his goal. Kao has a buddy named Jane, who is also a singer. Jane is always on his side when he is down. One day, Kao learns that his grandfather has passed away. He decides to return to his hometown, which he has never visited for many years.

Kao asks Jane to go along with him. In the meantime, the mayor of Kao’s hometown organizes the water field drilling competition to win a grand prize of 1 million Baht. Fon, Kao’s ex-lover, is one of the organizing team. When Fon meets Kao at his grandfather’s funeral, she asks him to join the competition. At first, Kao rejects her request. Nevertheless, when he thinks of his grandfather’s determination to search for water resources for the hometown but is never successful, he decides to join the competition with his teammates, including Jane and Tim. On the day of the competition, all contestants do not become aware that 10 meters beneath the ground, there is a gigantic lizard is hiding silently.

The sound of roaring engines above the ground wakes the monster up. She begins to hunt contestants one by one. Some are either eaten alive or captured and taken to the monster’s nest under the ground. Fon is also one of the captives. Running out of time, he and other competitors join forces to hunt the giant lizard to save Fon and others from being eaten alive.

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