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Les Invincibles

Les Invincibles

Alternate Titles: Les invincibles, La grande pétanque, Les boulistes

Comedy | French | 100 minutes




As a kid, Mohamed Boudhali, aka Momo, was a pétanque prodigy, the best young boules player anybody had ever seen. Now, the eternal teen lives with his mom and works boules scams with his buddy and mentor Jacky. But Momo dreams of being world champ. When businessman Jean-Claude Darcy decides to make pétanque the new poker with sponsorship from a Qatari sheik, Jacky urges Momo to seize the opportunity of playing and winning for France. Momo, who's never thought of himself as anything but French, is confronted by the realization that for some people, things aren't quite so clear...

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