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Magic in Mount Holly

Magic in Mount Holly

Romance | English | 81 minutes


Gemelli Films



Noelle Palmer is a new business owner in her early twenties. With the support of her family, she opened her art gallery and shop, The First Noelle. Of course, with new business ownership comes the fear of judgment and, even worse, failure. Encouraged by her best friend Daphne, Noelle leaps into her new endeavor head first, but still deals with her own insecurities and fears.

On the day of the grand opening of The First Noelle, a mysterious man visits her shop. A jolly soul with a penchant for gingerbread, the stranger informs Noelle that he cannot make it to the evening's grand opening because he is taking care of his sick wife. Noelle has a soft spot for the old man and fetches him some gingerbread meant for the party. When she returns, he is gone without a trace. She searches the front of the shop, the sidewalk and finally the back, but he isn't there. Instead, Noelle meets a handsome young stranger, Tyler Jensen. Tyler is running the coffee shop, Cuppa Joe, for his sick uncle as he recovers from a heart attack. Tyler is immediately attracted to the shy Noelle.

When Noelle returns to her shop, she finds a paintbrush on the counter with a tag reading, "To Noelle; Love Santa." Thinking its from her best friend Daphne, Noelle decides to give her new paintbrush a try. Time flies as Noelle paints, and she nearly misses her grand opening. Fortunately, Daphne and her family are able to get her ready in time and calm her nerves.

Tyler ends up arriving well after the party is over, carrying a plate of cookies from his Aunt Vivienne. Interestingly enough, the cookies appear to be the exact cookies that Noelle painted earlier with the new paintbrush. Striking it off as a coincidence, Noelle allows Tyler to walk her home.

The next morning, right before her brother Dylan's championship hockey game, Noelle paints a picture of Dylan scoring a goal and celebrating. At the hockey game, Dylan scores the winning goal and Noelle snaps a picture of the same pose. It is the second time that she painted something that came true, and confides in Tyler that she thinks the paintbrush is magic. Tyler convinces her to speak with Daphne about the brush.

Daphne snaps her out of it, and makes Noelle realize that she has a true artistic gift that she needs to accept, rather than focusing on the gift from a stranger. Noelle finally accepts her artist gift and the magic within.

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