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Milan Kundera - From the Joke to Insignificance

Milan Kundera - From the Joke to Insignificance

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Documentary | Czech, English | 95 minutes



Cast & Crew


Miloslav Šmídmajer


Miloslav Šmídmajer



Milan Kundera is shrouded in mystery. He has not given an interview in 30 years and doesn’t appear in public, so we must learn about him from his work. His essays and philosophical discursions within his novels reveal a lot. Besides other, the film will ask: What in Kundera’s work got him the status of a legendary author? What is so unique about his books? Helping us craft the storyline is a student who has a fantastic opportunity to do an interview with Kundera! After weeks of waiting in a café outside Kundera’s house, reading his novels, the student soon starts to identify with some of the author’s ideas. Through this, we are able to learn more about the message of Kundera's work, how and why his stories still move us and compel us not only to think about the protagonist, but about ourselves!

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