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No Filter

No Filter

Alternate Titles: Chamboultout

Comedy | French | 101 minutes



Cast & Crew


Eric Lavaine


Alexandra Lamy, José Garcia


Béatrice, a vivacious, pretty woman in her 40s, has written a book telling the story of her new life with her husband Frédéric. For the past five years following a scooter accident, Frédéric has been blind and has had major side-effects: He says everything on his mind without filtering himself in a totally unpredictable way…
It’s the summer and the couple heads off to the Basque country with their kids and gang of friends. Even if Béatrice took care to change the names in her book, old quarrels and secret jealousies are revived. Frédéric is not the only one lacking filters…

Inspired by a true story, No Filter sweeps us into an entertaining family & friends comedy: It’s endearing and darkly humorous.
The story of a group of touching characters, close-knit but sometimes explosive, led by the attractive couple formed by the exuberant Alexandra Lamy and the irritatingly irresistible José Garcia.

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