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One Week Friends

One Week Friends

Alternate Titles:

Drama | Chinese | 106 minutes


Tiger Pictures Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Hsiao Chien Lin


Angel Jaho, Yi Lin



New student Lin Xiangzhi transferred to ShengHua High School’s repeating class. She is quiet and smart but always alone, without making friends with other students. However, she attracts the attention of Xu Youshu, who is not a good student in her class. In the process of trying to be friends with Lin Xiangzhi, he and another two students Song Xiaonan and Jiang Wu, found the secret of Lin Xiangzhi.

In order to help this lonely girl, four of them formed a "doomsday survival" team to create surprises for her and their memories. Unbeknownst to them, there is an even sadder secret behind Lin Xiangzhi's illness ......

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