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Our (Perfect) Xmas Retreat

Our (Perfect) Xmas Retreat

Alternate Titles: El Refugio

Comedy | Spanish | 88 minutes



Cast & Crew


Macarena Astorga


Alvaro Ariza, Miguel Valladares, Antonio Mauri, Cindy Teperman, Maria Luisa Gutierrez


Alicia Luna, Beatriz Iznaola, Ines Silva


Loles Leon, Maria Barranco, Carlos Alcantara, David Guapo, Sara Salamo, Mariam Hernandez, Antonio Dechent, Leo Harlem



A beautiful retreat in the mountains. The perfect place to get away from it all. But what happens when the very people you want to get away from have had exactly the same idea and, to make matters even worse, a freak snow storm has left you all trapped inside the hotel together?

An aging film star who finds himself face to face with the young, up-and-comer threatening to replace him. The owner of the mountain hotel and her crazy sister, who swears by the benefits of a new, peculiar discipline that combines yoga and feng-shui. A group of kids who are out to have fun and discover hidden secrets. A shy butler who sees everything and... a freak snow storm that will leave them all stranded in the mountains just a few days before Christmas. Sound like a recipe for disaster? It sure does! This is one weekend away they’ll never forget!

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