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Out Come The Wolves

Out Come The Wolves

Thriller | English | 90 minutes


Altitude Film Sales

Cast & Crew


Adam MacDonald


Owen Kelly, Todd Berger


Enuka Okuma


Missy Peregrym, Joris Jarsky


A survival thriller set in the remote hunting grounds of the North American wilderness.

At her family’s secluded cabin in the woods, Ashley brings her best friend Kyle to meet her fiancé Nolan. Both friends grew up hunting together and although Ashley is highly skilled, she has since given it all up and moved on with her life. As tensions between the two men begin to simmer, with Nolan suspicious of Ashley’s friendship with Kyle, they set-off on a deer hunt in the wild. When a pack of ravenous wolves begin to stalk their every move, Ashley must use all her skills to fight for her life alongside Kyle and Nolan as they face the darkest side of nature.

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