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A Random Encounter

A Random Encounter

Romantic Comedy | English | 90 minutes


Showcase Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Boris Undorf


Shirley Kim


Meghan Markle, Sean Young, Michael Rady


Random Encounters is a roller coaster ride that proves finding your Prince Charming can be a royal pain.

Laura (ABBY WATHEN) bumps into the man of her dreams – LITERALLY -– when she runs into him accidentally at a coffee shop, resulting in her spilling her drink all over Kevin’s shirt. Not the best of introductions.

After talking about her embarrassing mishap with her best friend Mindy (MEGHAN MARKLE UK's Duchess of Sussex), Mindy is determined to help Laura find the guy again.

Meanwhile, Kevin (MICHAEL RADY “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” TV’s “The Mentalist,” “Emily Ownes M.D.,” “House of Lies”) can’t seem to get Laura off his mind either and his thoughts drive toward finding her

Without any common ground - except for the coffee shop - neither has much upon which to base their search. Even so, the two continue to seek each other out, resulting in parallel searches comprised of misunderstandings, bad timing and missed chances that narrowly keep them from meeting again.

When circumstances finally do them bring the two together, it turns out to be in a most unexpected and disastrous way. It is only the actions of the irrepressible Mindy that can unite Kevin and Laura once and for all.

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