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Latin American Training Center


A 6-episode anthology series that delves into the “shadow” side of humanity, exploring the repressed and taboo aspects of societies across Asia. In Shadows, the stories of 6 characters interlock as each of them battle the “dark side” of themselves and the cities they live in: In the sexually-charged pilot, a college student from Singapore sheds her strait-laced exterior to reveal an enchantress who manipulates men to further her personal agenda, exposing the world of illegal sex-trade in “crazy-rich” Singapore. A lawyer from Indonesia with an addiction to violence ventures into the underworld of Jakarta with macabre consequences. A Japanese teenager obsessed with “Hentai” (animated porn) battles his sexual urges when he slips from the real-world and is trapped inside a depraved “Hentai Tokyo” - a surrealistic episode that mixes live-action with 2D animation... Each episode takes on a different genre and treatment, reflecting the culturally diverse nature of Asia.

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