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The Key Game

The Key Game

Alternate Titles: El Juego de las Llaves

Romantic Comedy | Spanish | 107 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Vicente Villanueva


Eva Ugarte, Tamar Novas, Justina Bustos, Alina Nastase, Cintia García



Laura has been with Antonio forever and just when she begins to wonder if this is the life she truly wants, Sergio and Siena come onto the scene. Sergio is a former high school classmate and Siena is his millennial girlfriend who comes in turning everyone’s lives upside down. Laura, Raquel and Cris, close friends for years, convince their respective husbands to join in a party that Siena proposes: a key party. It consists of everyone putting their keys in a bowl, each person randomly chooses a set and then must spend the night with the owner of the keys. This party game will shake up the group of friends and their lives. It will make them discover who they are and what they really want. A comedy about long-term monogamy, self-fulfillment and pleasure. A story about four couples who are friends and who decide to be swingers with one another.

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