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The King of Baji Fist

The King of Baji Fist

Martial Arts | Mandarin


Golden Network Asia Limited

Cast & Crew


Chunxiong Yin


Chunxiong Yin, Fangqi Lu, Temur Mamisashvili


Xu Cheng and Xu Shi are the grandsons of Xu Chengzong, the head of Ba Ji Fist martial arts. When Cheng competes in an MMA contest to earn money for the school and his brother's education, he is critically injured in the ring by American fighter Jackson. Learning of his brother's fate, Shi decides to investigate, only to discover that organiser Ma Yuanlong is fixing the matches with performance-enhancing drugs. Giving up his formal education, Shi trains under senior Ba Ji Fist member Lin Yuan and enters the MMA contest himself to fight for the honour of his family. As he progresses through each round, Shi uncovers the criminal network and illegal gambling behind the tournament. But to unlock its final secrets, he must fight Jackson in a duel-to-the-death battle in the ring…

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