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The Mercator Trail

The Mercator Trail

Action/Adventure, Family | Dutch | 97 minutes


Film Seekers Limited

Cast & Crew


Douglas Boswell


Peter Bouckaert


Wouter Van Haver


Nathan Naenen, Britt Scholte, Koen De Bouw, Carry Goossens



Inheriting a mysterious book from his late father, a tech fanatic teenager embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover Mercator’s best guarded secrets.

When digital junkie Benjamin inherits a chest of ancient artifacts from his missing father he discovers an atlas that once belonged to the cartographer Mercator.The re-appearance of the book arouses interest from mysterious foes who would stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

Enrolling the help of his crush, witty and resourceful Slien, and picking up an old man called Zeppos along the way, the trio tries to decrypt the hidden messages in Mercator’s book, and set themselves on an exhilarating treasure hunt to discover Mercator’s secrets.

Cleverly integrating ancient sciences and modern day technologies, The Mercator Trail is a family action packed adventure movie featuring a sterling cast in stunning locations.

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