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The Painted Warrior

The Painted Warrior

Action/Adventure, Documentary, Drama | English | 88 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


Mark Wilson


Stephen Sinek, Aeni Domme



Meet husband and wife duo Stephen and Aeni whose work blends bold artistry with peak athleticism. He is the canvas. She is the painter. Together, they bring spectacular color to a muddy world. Clad only in running shorts, shoes, and Aeni’s hand-painted body art, Stephen is one of the most dynamic and unique faces in the world of obstacle racing. THE PAINTED WARRIOR follows the couple as they prepare physical, mentally, and artistically, for one more “run” at the Mesquite Canyon Race, the brutal race that left Stephen severely injured only a year earlier. With this one last shot at victory serving as the narrative spine, the documentary also profoundly explores the boundaries and intersections of art and sport.

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