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Tricky Old Dogs

Tricky Old Dogs

Alternate Titles: Les Vieux Fourneaux

Comedy | French | 90 minutes



Cast & Crew


Christophe Duthuron


Clément Miserez, Matthieu Warter, Sophie Tepper


Wilfrid Lupano


Pierre Richard, Eddy Mitchell, Alice Pol


Friends since childhood, Pierrot, Mimile and Antoine are all rather zealous, distinctive and obstinate in nature. Before Antoine’s wife kicked the bucket, she left him a farewell letter full of revelations. Mad with rage, Antoine grabs his rifle, leaps into his car and heads for Tuscany: never too late to avenge an infidelity! Determined to stop him from making a huge blunder, Pierrot and Mimile follow in hot pursuit, assisted by Sophie, Antoine’s heavily pregnant granddaughter who has inherited the sweet eccentricities of her grandmother...

A feel-good comedy adapted from a true phenomenon of the comic-book world (1M copies sold in France, translated into 6 languages!).
Politically incorrect and endearing pensioners embark on a jubilant road movie between France and Tuscany. A trip between the wild times of the 60’s and today, very human and colorful!

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