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Wild Prairie Rose

Wild Prairie Rose

Family, Romance | English | 90 minutes


Showcase Entertainment

Cast & Crew


Deborah Lavine


Carol Monroe


Tara Samuel, Troy Kotsur, Suzanne Spoke



After leaving her hometown for big city life, Rose must return home to care for her ailing mother.  Back home, she befriends James, a deaf man.  It’s the 50s and though the role of women was evolving, deaf people were still typically seen as outcasts.   Rose is intrigued by James.  She learns that just because he cannot hear or speak, there are many ways to communicate, and finds that he is intelligent, thoughtful and creative.  Although her family and friends discourage the unlikely friendship, the two grow to appreciate each other and fall in love. Sometimes you find what you are looking for where you least expect it -- and coming home, Rose discovers herself, finds love, and learns to appreciate the life she left behind.  

Stars TARA SAMUEL (Star of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye which continues to air around the world, The Mindy Project, The Neddeaus, Ruby Booby) and TROY KOTSUR - (CIS: NY, Criminal Minds, Scrubs, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, The Number 23

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