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Within Madness

Within Madness

Drama, Thriller | English | 73 minutes


Indie Rights

Cast & Crew


J.M. Stelly


J.M. Stelly


J.M. Stelly


Kaci Champion, Jessica Dickerson, Keegan Macy, Terry Pitre, Matt Story



Based off of true events, Within Madness follows the video diary of Donovan Summers, a personal trainer who tells his story through his videos. On the way Donovan starts to become obsessed with a customer at his gym which leads him down a dark road of obsession taking him to lengths of unimaginable self destruction. Within Madness is a dark tale of a man lost in his own desires and the consequences of what happens when all hope is gone.

Within Madness mixes the Found Footage genre with the abstract nature of an Art House Film. By using state of the art equipment and software, Stelly has been able to achieve the look of 16mm as opposed to the typical HD footage you find in today’s market place. The movie is a truly unique look at self destruction from the point of view of a sociopath.

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