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Pixelblast Animation

Pixelblast Animation

5-6-16 Shimo-Shakujii
Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0042

Phone: +81-80-8031-5843

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Owner and Founder
Kilian Muster

Production Profile

Pixelblast’s focus is 2D animation, especially creating stuff that nobody asked for, like original series.

Founded in 2019 by Kilian Muster with the purpose of producing original content 2D animation, Pixelblast is an independent studio based in Tokyo currently producing Phungus & Mowld, a sci-fi comedy series.

We are now looking for sales agents, distributors and financing partners to ramp up production and complete several seasons of Phungus & Mowld in a sustainable time frame.

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Science-Fiction

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Phungus & Mowld (Series)

Animation, Comedy, Science-Fiction | English | 22 minutes

Pixelblast Animation

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