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A Hitman's Solitude Before the Shot

A Hitman's Solitude Before the Shot

Alternate Titles: Die Einsamkeit des Killers vor dem Schuss

Black Comedy | German | 82 minutes


Picture Tree International



Florian Mischa


Andreas Brauer


Florian Mischa


Benno, Mavie, Wolf Roth, Erik Madsen



The over-ambitious Koralnik has a dream job: he is a contract killer for a secret EU programme. But even eight years after his training he still hasn‘t had a single hit. Bored and frustrated, he lives according to the programme‘s strict rules – withdrawn, no social contact and constantly undercover. One day, the shy Rosa crashes into his car and life. Before he knows it, Koralnik is having dinner with her. For the first time, he can flee his everyday misery for an evening of company. But then the telephone rings. It’s Koralnik‘s first job. With Rosa alongside, Koralnik sets off on a chaotic odyssey through a night in which nothing goes according to plan. It is only when Koralnik‘s target is revealed to be none other than one of
his colleagues that the rigid concept by which he lives finally comes into question. He is confronted with the dilemma of either protecting his secret programme or drawing a line under his unfulfilled existence as a killer. It is the biggest liar of them all, Rosa, who forces him to confront his own life’s lie.

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