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Bandit Shakuntala

Bandit Shakuntala

Action/Adventure, Biography, True Story | English, Hindi | 120 minutes


OneTwoThree Media



Hyder Kazmi


Hyder Kazmi, Liaquat Gola, Pintu Kumar, Upendra Kumar, Sharwan Prasad



Shakuntula grows up in poverty, part of the lowest cast in Indian society. At a young age she decides to improve her position and make a better life for herself through studying hard. But at the age of 12 she is brutally raped by the Chief of her village, humiliated and dishonored she is unable to get justice. Forced into an arranged marriage with a drunkard, the marriage doesn’t last. But tragedy strikes again as she is gang raped again by the Chief together with a mob of villagers. When rescued by Nadeem, an outlaw bandit known as a Dacoit, she is taught the skills on how to avenge herself. Gun in hand she seeks revenge for everything she and other women like her, have had to endure. Her name instills dread and fear, but this is just the start of her journey for Justice and retribution.

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