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Boonie Bears: The Wild Life

Boonie Bears: The Wild Life

Animation, Childrens, Comedy, Family | English, Mandarin | 99 minutes


Fantawild Animation Inc



A hilarious and dangerous genetic adventure!!!

A thrilling new place opens on Pine Tree Mountain, “Wild Life”, that offers an unforgettable experience. By wearing a gene-technology bracelet, guests can turn into a variety of animals! With his tourism business suffering, Vick discovers that “Wild Life” is hosting a competition with a massive grand prize and decides to enter. He teams up with Bramble and a mysterious man named Leon and they astonishingly win the tournament. But before the award ceremony, Leon is caught trying to secretly copy the data of the park. Soon afterward, Vick discovers that hybrid guests are going feral and attacking others... Is Tom the ultimate villain? Who is the mysterious Leon? Can this team win the fight and turn everything back to normal?