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Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch

Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch

Drama | Cantonese


Mega-Vision Project Workshop Limited



Jing WONG, Jason KWAN




Jing WONG, Koon Nam LUI


Tony LEUNG Ka-Fai, Louis KOO, Ka Tung LAM, Simon YAM


Before 1997, due to the lax governing of Hong Kong by the government, criminal genius Logan (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) savages Hong Kong with a series of notorious crimes. He kidnaps the first sons of the Hong Kong regals, Li and Lui, ransoming over 2.5 billion dollars. In fear of the offenders avenging, the subjects promise not to report to the police after ransoming the hostages, hence letting Logan and his team evade justice.

The police forces of Hong Kong and the mainland are highly concerned with Logan’s case and send Sky (Louis Koo), a Hong Kong undercover agent to infiltrate into Logan’s gang. Sky is brave and intelligent. After various challenges, he manages to get close to Logan and quietly awaits the opportune moment to take action. However, Logan is very careful and cunning. Since no one has reported his crimes, the police cannot arrest him until he makes his next move.

After numerous probing attempts, Sky finally unveils Logan’s next kidnap target. Sky believes he has already gained Logan’s trust, hence secretly contacts the police to plan their next move, only to realise it is just another test...

Will Sky be able to complete his mission, save the hostage, and bring Logan to justice?