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Phone Call to the Bar

Phone Call to the Bar

Alternate Titles: Tantei ha Bar ni Iru

Suspense | Japanese | 125 minutes


Toei Company, Ltd.



Hajime Hashimoto


Yasushi Suto


Ryota Kosawa, Yasushi Suto


Yo Oizumi, Ryuhei Matsuda


‘P.I.’, who knows the area from top to bottom and back to front, is in the bar as usual with his sidekick Takada, playing Othello. There is a phone call from a woman who calls herself ‘Kyoko Kondo’. He senses a whiff of danger about this job, but he takes it anyway and goes into action the following day. Right away he is kidnapped, buried in snow, and almost killed. Kyoko Kondo again calls the furious Tantei. Reluctantly P.I. accepts her requests while plotting his own revenge, but he is unwittingly drawn closer and closer to the heart of the case. The story that unfolds deals with the beautiful, mysterious Saori and a prominent businessman, Kirishima. Now P.I. is working on four murder cases. In the end, what does Kyoko Kondo truly want? How are all these different cases connected? P.I. and Takada are out on the streets of Susukino. What is waiting for them at the end?

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