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Postcards From The 48%

Postcards From The 48%

Documentary | English | 110 minutes


Kew Media Distribution



David Wilkinson


David Wilkinson


Joan Bakewell, Catherine Bearder, Vince Cable, Ruth Cadbury, Alastair Campbell, Rachel Clarke, Nick Clegg, Mark Constantine, Andrew Cook, Mark Durkan, Bob Geldof, A.C. Grayling, Bonnie Greer, Will Hutton, Rachel Johnson, Matt Kelly, Helena Kennedy, Miriam Margolyes, Raymond McCord, Ian McEwan, Henry Porter, Lesley Riddoch, Patience Wheatcroft



The peculiar thing about Brexit is that 52% has been rounded up to 100% and 48% rounded down to zero, and two years after the UK voted to leave the EU, they seem to be no closer to a deal.

Every day presents a new, incredible headline, from ‘inadequate food supplies’ to illegal overspending to the real possibility of running out of essential, lifesaving medicines – far from the brave new world which was promised when the UK voted to ‘take back control’. However, the government still seem determined to proceed, even without a deal.

Postcards From The 48%, a film made by and featuring those that voted Remain, attempts to redress the balance by showing how Brexit was far from a landslide victory and just why the 48% are still fighting to stay part of the EU.

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