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Sleeping Dogs Lie

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Thriller | English | 81 minutes


Princ Films



Armando is having the worst day of his life. His intimidating boss accuses him of mismanaging company funds; Luna, his young secretary and mistress, suspects he is about to skip town without her; and last but the worst: his devoted wife, Eleni, just walked in on him and his young secretary catching them in more than compromising position.

When Eleni kidnaps the couple and Armando finds himself bound and gagged in the trunk of Eleni’s car, he knows his day can’t get any worse…

Well, Eleni knows that Armando’s real job is laundering money for shady customers; she also knows that he’s been skimming off the top for years and he’s created secret bank account in Luna’s name to protect himself should any of his nefarious associates discover it. Eleni wants the password to that account and she will get it one way or another. But the pain his wife inflicts is no match for what Armando soon discovers: Luna is in on it – she and Eleni have been in on this whole thing together all along. They set him up!

With their motivations transparent, and their plan quickly unraveling, Eleni and Luna raise their stakes to break Armando, get the password and run away with the money. But, with Armando still alive, that’s not going to be that easy!

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