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The Bar

The Bar

Alternate Titles: El Bar

Black Comedy, Thriller | Spanish


Film Factory Entertainment



de la Iglesia


Blanca, Mario Casas, Carmen Machi, Terele


A bar on an average day at mid-morning. Long-standing regulars andstrangers sidled up to the bar, sharing fried pastries and grilled ham andcheese sandwiches. Life goes on as normal until one customer exits andis shot in the middle of the deserted square. Inside, the group is stunnedand only one of them decides to go out to help the downed man, promptlyreceiving a bullet himself.

Everyone tries to come up with an explanation for why nobody inside goesout to help the fallen men: there could be a madman shooting from therooftop. The square remains strangely empty and their phones have noservice. Amid the confusion, they discover that someone removed the bo-dies from the square without them noticing. At that point, their speculationsare unleashed, but soon one idea takes hold: What if the danger is inside?And what if the shots are to keep them from exiting the local and puttingthose outside in danger?

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