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The Good Intentions

The Good Intentions

Childrens, Comedy, Drama, Family | Spanish | 86 minutes


Film Factory Entertainment



Ana García Blaya



Early nineties, Buenos Aires. Amanda is 10. She has two younger siblings and divorced parents, Gustavo and Cecilia. The kids spend every other weekend at their father’s chaotic home. He’s a man who enjoys life with his 30-something friends, women who come and go, and work at the record shop he runs with his friend Néstor.

But Gustavo is falling further and further behind on his child support payments to his ex-wife, so Cecilia decides to move with her partner and the three children to Paraguay, where the promise of a better financial future awaits them. Gustavo can’t refuse such a scheme. But Amanda is much more grounded than her father, and when she discovers her mother’s intentions, she hatches a scheme to stay and live with him in Argentina. Now she just needs to get her dad on board.