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The Green Sea

The Green Sea

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery | English | 105 minutes


OneTwoThree Media



Randal Plunkett


Katharine Isabelle, Hazel Doupe, Dermot Ward, Ciaron Davies



A hard bitten but beautiful Simone lives a chosen solitary life deep in the Irish countryside. Leathers, guitars and photographs adorn the house as ornaments from a hellish heavy-metal band past.
Elsewhere in a small city a lone fourteen year old girl known as The Kid lives on the streets surviving on what she can steal, beg or borrow. Every night, she has the same recurring dream of a group of children on an unfrequented beach.
One night a group of men try to abduct her. The Kid manages to escape in the back of a truck and is accidentally knocked over by Simone, who brings The Kid home and cares for her.
With nowhere to go, Simone offers her a deal; if she takes cares of the household chores, she will give her shelter.
A sudden change for the worse when The Kid is visited by a strange man known as the Collector who is hunting down Kid. Simone tries to protect her but the Collector is more then he seems and Kid is no ordinary child.
A mystery evolves into a story of love, hardship and liberation of the soul.

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