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Emerald Isle Production

Emerald Isle Production

P.O BOX 21152
Glendale, California 91221-5252
United States

Phone: 7145078017

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Marcus Everett

Production Profile

A new and exciting production company that is in the process of producing it's first short film. Emerald Isle has always sought to present productions that deal with the themes of human struggle and endeavour, presenting those uncomfortable notions of the truth. Our table in the Escondido will be giving a Presentation on a new project called Immigrant, a 10 minute short dealing with the struggles and lives of people from far places and times long gone who had to make painful and difficult choices in there own individual life experiences. Those choices inexorably altering their lives forever.My name is Marcus Everett and this is our goal, to produce a project that will go out to every festival and venue that will give voice to the immigrant experience, creating a Docu-Drama that touches on the lives of present day America..This project currently stands at pre-production status and is in a fund raising mode..