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Daniel lesoeur

Ilona Kunesova

Technical Director
Lesoeur Thomas


Production Profile

One of the oldest French companies, Eurociné produces and distributes its own American and European productions and some exciting titles. Its library mixes action, horror, family, erotic and B&W classics. Many of Eurociné’s films became “cult” movies, are screened in cinematheques and prestigious festivals

Its previous production based on real events, El Rey, a Colombian box office and critical success, has been selected for the OSCAR, nominated for the Spanish GOYAS and invited to numerous festivals.

Its latest partnership, a stop motion animated movie, Jiri Barta’s IN THE ATTIC released in numerous territories won many awards in Spain, USA, Romania, Japan, Czech Rep….
The American version voiced by Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack and Carry Elwes received wonderful critics following its theatrical release.

Eurocine chose to bring a deep and impressive jump into the court of miracles of Bogota “ EL CARTUCHO”

To protest against the destruction of their “Kingdom”, thousands of homeless people confront the police in the time of an urban guerilla. During the battle, the King of Thieves, at the helm of a group of 400 armed hobos, kidnaps a priest in his church.

This “Kingdom”, a real legend in Colombia, is the Cartucho. The biggest slum in the world. A filthy refuge housing 20,000 people, mostly beggars, thieves, prostitutes and drug addicts...