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Action/Adventure, Thriller | French

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Jean Reno stars as a gangster who defies death to make a new life for himself in
Richard Berry's thrilling adaptation of Franz-Olivier Giesbert's bestselling novel
After a long, brutal and successful career in the Marseille mafia, Charly Matteï has
gone straight. For three years, he has lived a quiet life devoted to his wife and two
young children. Then, one winter morning, he is left for dead on the docks of the old
port with 22 bullets in his body. Somehow he survives. And goes looking for Tony Zacchia,
the only man who would dare to try to kill him. Zacchia made just one mistake:
he failed.
22 bullets is a fictional story based on real-life events that took place in Marseille, the
Mediterranean city with a long connection to the mob. On its mean streets today,
there is no room for "men of honor". The bullet rules. Only one actor in France has the
charisma to play Charly Matteï, the godfather who leaves a world he no longer understands
to become a regular citizen. After The Big Blue, The Professional and Crimson
Rivers, Jean Reno has found another role equal to his unique talents and aura.
Kad Merad (Paris 36, Welcome To The Sticks), the most sought after actor of his generation,
co-stars as Charly's unrepentant longtime brother in blood, Tony Zacchia.
The fine supporting cast includes actor-director Richard Berry (The Valet, Crossfire),
Jean-Pierre Darroussin (A Very Long Engagement) and Marina Foïs (Change of

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