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A Great North Christmas

A Great North Christmas

Romance | English | 85 minutes

보병 중대

Princ Films

캐스트 & 크루


James Douglas


Sara Shaak, Shayne Putzlocher


Laura Mitchell, Jay Hindle


Caroline North is one of the LA's entertainment power-attorneys. She is beautiful, smart and aggressive type-A woman in her 30s. She is also a very lonely workaholic. Her best friends, Jackie and Samantha, decided to end Caroline's long streak of working weekends and lonely holidays by booking a surprise Christmas vacation for her in Prince George, Canada. Small town full of winter attractions where Caroline can ski, drive snowmobile, ride dog sleds and, maybe, just maybe, meet someone she would enjoy spending Christmas with. Sometimes, by Christmas magic or just like that, your best friends' good wishes come true.

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