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A Night Without Armor

A Night Without Armor

Drama, Romance | English | 108 minutes

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Indie Rights

캐스트 & 크루


Steven Alexander


Chaun Domingue, Steven Alexander, Adam Barrois


Chaun Domingue


Pepper Binkley, Jacob Fishel



"A Night Without Armor" is a Romantic Drama about a chance encounter between two strangers (one a Police Captain, the other, a Pediatric Nurse) who meet by chance at Fort Jackson, a Civil War era fort to watch a meteor shower. Although the bare bones of our film focuses on these two characters having a conversation during the course of one night, it's a character and meditative study of love or the lack thereof. Not only, do these two characters (Adam, played by Jacob Fishel and Nicole, played by Pepper Binkley examine the meaning and the role love plays in their lives, it questions and attempts to make sense of how love fits into our collective universal consciousness. Sometimes what one thinks one knows isn't what one knows at all.

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