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A Swift horse trainer

A Swift horse trainer

Documentary | Mongolian | 50 minutes

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Bayar Banzragch



The documentary revered to the inherited daily work of swift horse trainer. The racing of swift horse has rooted very ancient traditions of Mongolia. Horse trainer chooses the swift horses from their herd and trains them to race for months before racing. Lots of works are needed to train horses, like sweating, feeding the right amount, riding and nourishing the horses and etc. Skyline, cloud colors, animal behavior, wind direction can tell us about climate changes. Therefore, the horse trainer has to be closer to nature. If necessary, he needs to know tomorrow's, day after tomorrow's or even a few days later weather conditions. He teaches his son all this traditional knowledge and how to work the details of making horse faster and better step by step. This film aims to show the traditional knowledge of choosing, training and racing swift horses through the enjoyable memories of the little jockey.

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