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Amarbat's one day

Amarbat's one day

Documentary | Mongolian | 50 minutes

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Otgonbat N.


It has been a while since we have known Amarbat. The boy has a many different talents. He draws
pictures, does sculptures, fixes TV and any kind of technological issues. When he was young, one day after coming home from his daycare, he had a high temperature. The day after, the disease left him handicapped for forever in a wheelchair. Whenever i hear him talk, it feels unfair, why such unfortunate thing happened to such a young boy. Seems like the most suitable way to help him is to help him receive an education. Two years ago in early fall, we first went to Choir to cast our documentary about Amarbat.
It was a cold day and the train station was busy. We got lucky and found two tickets to Choir easily. I was traveling with our cameraman Batbileg Z. Once we have arrived there, it was not hard to find Amarbat’s place. Anyone from Choir knew where Amarbat lives. Since we have arrived late, we have decided to start casting from the next day. On the next day we have successfully finished and went back to the city at the same night. That’s all the story of how we created our documentary about Amarbat’s One Day. Later I went to the American Documentary Film Festival with Amarbat to screen our documentary. Everybody in the screening room were watching it quietly. This documentary is about a little boy who lives in the small village of the Gobi desert. He cannot walk yet trying his best to help people around him.

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