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Amazed By You

Amazed By You

Drama, Faith, Family | English | 90 minutes

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Mark Hannah


Chuck Williams


Stephen Donnaly, Mark Hannah, Chuck Williams


Aaron Mees, Sarah Beth Short, Timothy Goodwin, Richard Pryor Jr., Jessica Lynch



What happens when “City Slicker” Christian Andrews is thrown into a Cowboy World filled with five sisters, two bullies, a whole lot of cattle, one grungy dog and a woman who runs it all, with only his Faith to guide him through it? You'll be amazed by this charming story that celebrates life after loss. Five diverse kids formed a close bond as children and 10 years later, after one of their group meets an untimely death, they meet at the Dude Ranch where he worked and rediscover their faith and the hope they all shared in the past trying to resurrect a dream of their fallen friend.

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