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Angry Kid

Angry Kid

Comedy | Chinese | 95 minutes

보병 중대

Emperor Motion Pictures

캐스트 & 크루


Lei Huang


Haicheng Zhao, Albert Lee, Jianxin Huang


Rui Yao, Junli Guo


Yiming Wang, Yuzhen Xiao, Jiayi Zhang, Kun Chen, Wai Fan


Ao runs away. He meets Lan. She had been kidnapped and has just escaped. Bad guys are chasing
her. Ao fights them off and they head towards Lan’s home. Meanwhile, Ao’s parents return, and get
the police involved. Ao and Lan bond on the journey. They arrive at Lan’s village where her home
has been reduced to rubble. The bad guys and the Gang Boss also arrive. Ao and Lan wage war
against them. Soon, Ao’s parents, grandfather and the police also arrive, and arrest all the bad
guys! The family is reunited. Everyone is happy, including Lan, who now has a new home with her
new family.

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