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Ash and Bone

Ash and Bone

Horror, Thriller | English | 98 minutes

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DeskPop Entertainment LLC

캐스트 & 크루


Harley Wallen


Annette Cama


Bret Miller


Jamie Bernadette, Angelina Danielle Carma, Mel Novak



Cassie Vanderbilt, a self-destructive teen dealing with the death of her mother, a new stepmother, and a strained relationship with her father, continues to find her way into trouble. To reconnect with her, her father takes her away from the distractions and ‘bad’ influences of the big city where they live, to spend the summer in the beautiful, small-town countryside. But this small town has a terrifying, deadly, secret that has been buried for over a generation by the most notorious family in town. When Cassie’s boredom and frustration lead her to the dangerous exploration of a farmhouse deep in the woods, she realizes that the price for uncovering the horrifying truth could cost them their lives!

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