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Alternate Titles: A L'AVEUGLE

Thriller | French | 94 minutes

보병 중대



A beautiful young woman is escorted home late at night by her bodyguard. When she’s alone, a shadowy figure emerges from the darkness and strangles her. A superbly planned and executed murder. The investigation is led by veteran detective Lassalle, a loner who is intrigued by the blind piano tuner whose prints are all over the apartment. But his alibi checks out and his disability makes him an unlikely murderer.
Soon, as the victims pile up with no obvious link between them except the ingenious and elaborately staged circumstances of their deaths, Lassalle finds himself hunting a serial killer. When he gets too close to some shady business in the corridors of power, his superiors take him off the case, but Lassalle continues his investigation with the support of his young partner Héloïse. The murderer is playing with him, drawing him into a high-risk game of cat and mouse, in which Lassalle has everything to lose.

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