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Bluff TV Series

Bluff TV Series

Drama | English | 24 minutes

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Nandar Pictures, LLC

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Judy Norton


Jewelle Colwell


Judy Norton, Jewelle Colwell, Mark Gantt, Allson Wandzura


BLUFF Season One - 6 1/2 hour Episodes - Complete

Description: Crime Drama Series

High Intensity drama about a team of detectives struggling to take down the local mob. Each team member struggles with their personal demons as personal and professional bluffs prove increasingly difficult to maintain.

Season 1: In this high intensity crime drama, the Decina Police Department pulls out all the stops as the team, Detective Summer Brown (Jewelle Colwell) and Detective Ava Lindstrom (Alison Wandzura), work with Captain Nick Weston (Mark Gantt) and Judge Sophia Wyndom (Judy Norton), to get to the source behind the rising local human trafficking cases, and the increasingly prevalent drug issues.

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