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Confession of Old Artists

Confession of Old Artists

Documentary | Mongolian | 27 minutes

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Batbileg Z.


Artist Luvsanzundui was born in Undurkhaan city, Khentii province in 1928. His whole life is deeply related to Gun Garvaltan temple. He is one of the senior artists but never been recognized for his works. During 50s-70s, his prime time of creating his own artworks, he has been drawing portraits of government officials and posters through
orders. If he has been drawing his own arts, he may have different arts by now. But he draws the daily lifestyle patterns of a Nalaikh. Now there are only ruins of Nalaikh left. The history of the great mining of Nalaikh is remarked in his arts as well. Even though these pictures are not worth thousands of dollars, they narrate the history of Mongolia, so later they will become valuable Mongolian inheritance.. Historic events that never been cast, written down, or photographed are all in his ordinary pictures. This documentary introduces many fine arts of Luvsanzundui and his life story.

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